8 Hottest Education Research Topics

Education is the only imperative for a generation to be progressive, liberal and smart. With the emergence of augmented reality in the realm of education, and e-learning firms offering additional academic assignment help, the world has witnessed some major changes over the past years.


Moreover, with public schools spending more than $3 billion per year in digital education, it is quite evident how the advancements in the field of academics have reshaped its infrastructure. This has resulted in an increased literacy rate and witnessed higher rate of engagement among the learners.

As a result, it is all the more obvious for the education researchers across the globe to stay updated with the latest topics regarding academic programs with a systematic analysis and collection of data related to the particular field.

Here is an informative list of the 8 hottest education topics trending right now. Have a look.

1. English Language and Learning

If we are to talk about the trending research topics on education, then one simply cannot afford to miss the significance of English language.

With an increase in percentage of the public school students learning English language in the United States, it won’t be wrong to say that the subject has gained more prominence over the years.

If you are wondering about the research initiatives being taken in order to address any potential challenge related to this topic, here’s something for you.

“Summer Learning for Immigrant Youth: A Model from San Francisco”

The San Francisco Unified School District brings out how its summer school program helps the English language learners to earn credits during graduation. The research aims to come up with an in-depth description of the program elements that can help them carry out the model successfully.

“Can Summer School Help English Learner Students Succeed?”

Talking of the trending topics in education research right now, this one certainly deserves a special mention.

The Stanford SFUSD partnership focuses on improving the academic success of the English learners and tries to discover the potential of the summer programs with an aim to bridge the achievement gaps of the English Language Learners (ELL).

Now that the English Language Learners are required to take multilingual development classes, they tend to miss out on the important academic disciplinary areas such as science, math and social science, which are necessary for an individual’s success.

San Francisco Unified School District aims to resolve the issue with its summer school model. With the education model aiming to address the issue, the research topic is bound to be a trending one from every aspect.

 2. Equity and Achievement Gaps Among Teachers

Teacher equity gap is undeniably one alarming factor when it comes to ensuring a progressive and seamless education model.

Massachusetts, on experiencing a large achievement gap among the disadvantaged students, came up with a constructive research approach to address the problem and figure out the necessary solution to it.

Here’s an explanation of the same in a nutshell.

“Why Teacher Equity Gaps Matter for Massachusetts, and How Research Helps”  

Even though Massachusetts has high overall student outcomes, there’s still a large achievement gap in terms of growth and prosperity for most of the disadvantaged students.

A State Department leader describes how this particular research program on teacher equity resolves the issue, with success for all high school students being the primary goal.

In addition, the research model aims to identify the needful strategies that can close growth gaps for the students. This is more of a qualitative research approach, designed for an extensive study that primarily focuses on the issues concerning teacher equity gaps and students outcomes.

3. Teacher Retention Issues in Idaho

Unless the education authority of a particular country or a state is able to identify all loopholes and potential challenges affecting the graph of teacher retention and recruitment, there will always remain a gap in achievement and success.

As a matter of fact, Idaho has recently come up with a different take in this context, with an extensive research model addressing such challenges. Here’s everything you need to know.

“Tackling Teacher Recruitment and Retention Challenges in Idaho”

The teacher workforce in Idaho is reportedly becoming less experienced. Talking of teacher recruitment and retention challenges prevalent all over the state, it is to be mentioned that about one in five teachers did not return to their school the next year.

This clearly indicates the dire state and tells us about the teacher retention challenges affecting the sector of education in Idaho.

Collaboration between the representatives from different school districts, higher education institutions and state education agencies in Idaho aims to discuss all research findings. In addition, the research addresses the challenging issues concerning teacher recruitment and retention.

A consistent supply of well-trained teachers willing to pursue the profession seems to be the key to success, which can help in improving the education scenario in Idaho.

4. Accessibility to Colleges  

With every passing day, the importance of higher education is becoming increasingly prominent. Students should be encouraged to continue with their education after they pass out from their schools.

Here are the two most mentionable research works related to this alarming topic:

“Learning about Post-High School Pathways of Baltimore Youths”

The Baltimore Education Research Consortium (BERC) in partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools seeks to investigate the possibilities of access to colleges among the city youths. The initiative will be carried out with the use of accumulated data from the National Student Clearinghouse.

The research aims to evaluate the aspects of college enrollment and employment outcomes of the high school graduates at the Baltimore schools.

The research study will help in forming policies and assistance requisite for an improvement in college access of the graduates.

“Using Data and Research to Promote Youth Success: Baltimore City Public Schools”

This is yet another education research topic that the Baltimore education authority is concerned about. To talk about it further, it is to be mentioned that the research model aims to use data and findings in order to identify all challenging issues affecting the youth.

They aim to help the Baltimore district by addressing the individual academic challenges of the learners by sharing all essential data with the students, their academic supervisors and families.

5. Social and Emotional Learning

It goes without saying that social and emotional learning is an equally essential aspect of education, especially when it comes to ensuring qualitative academic learning.

SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) refers to the process through which adults and children acquire knowledge and develop skills that are considered necessary to understand and acknowledge emotions, show empathy for others and set positive goals to achieve in life.

Reportedly, there is a data that supports the significance of the role of emotional and social development in schools.

This makes it all the more obvious that the trend of social and emotional learning is definitely on a rise. Here is a research study instance to support the fact.

“How New York City is working to Improve Students’ Social-Emotional Learning?”

Research fellows from the Research Alliance for NYC Schools are working in collaboration with the practitioners associated with the Student Success Network to investigate and develop the aspect of social and emotional learning measurements.  This can help in building more reliable and effective SEL measures.

6. School Environment and Culture

This is one noteworthy topic related to the sector of education and learning. A positive school climate and culture are the keys to successful learning. These are some of the many factors that can have an impact on the growth and prosperity of the students.

The academic institutions across the globe are setting higher standards for education with the hope to embrace such methodologies and figure out the scope for improvement.

Here’s an example of extensive research program fostering advanced learning environments for the students.

“How Do Principals Influence Student Achievement?”

The UCHICAGO Consortium on School Research initiated a research on how principals can prove to be the most efficient academic personnel when it comes to achieving academic success.

In addition, encouraging strong learning environments in academic institutions and fostering leadership skills among teachers proved to be the driving factor in this context.

“Why School Climate Matters?”

The Cleveland Alliance for Education Research examines the student’s perspective regarding school climates and their academic outcomes. The research outlines all preliminary findings.

It suggests improvement in the field of safety, academic support, teacher expectations, and peer associations as factors that are directly associated with an improved academic graph for the students.

7. Professional Development Among Educators

Unless the educators are not specialized in their individual departments of education, ensuring progressive academic scenario across the globe might be a challenge.

Given below is a research instance related to this topic.

“Here’s What Works Best in Teacher Professional Development”

The Multnomah Country Partnership for Education Research explores and examines the best practices associated with teacher professional development.

“Becoming a Teacher-Researcher”

This is a personal account of a doctoral research fellow discussing how working with Multnomah Country Partnership for Education Research inspired him as a student.

8. Early Childhood Education and Development

The aspect of early childhood education is indeed critical when it comes to advanced education and learning.

Conflicting factors like lack of coordination, resource constraint and an ideal environment for the youngsters to learn and grow might give rise to negative consequences in the future.

Here is an example of conducting extensive research and investigating the issue with an aim to arrive at solutions that will provide some insight.

“Charter Schools, Pre-K, and the Question of Coordination Part I & II”

A research carried out by the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans finds out the lack of central coordination as the factor associated with a drop in the number of institutions offering Pre-K education.

The research further pointed out another critical issue of a decentralized governance affecting schools.

Now that you have an idea about the trending education research topics of 2018, you may choose to look for further scopes to carry out similar research and accumulate compelling findings and issues to resolve.

Good Luck!

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